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We are committed to ensuring that all the content on this website is accessible to those with special needs, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive and motor impairments. You can find out what steps we have taken to meet this commitment below.

If there is anything more that you feel we could do to improve your user experience (or someone else's) on this website we would be very interested to hear from you. You can contact us by either calling us on 01793 709709 or by emailing us at

W3C coding standards

All the HTML used to code this website conforms to the standards set for 'XHTML 1.0 Transitional' by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), while the CSS used validates to 'CSS level 2'. This can be confirmed at any time by using the W3C validation tool.


In order to help all users of this website, each image on this site has both the ALT and TITLE tag attributes set - with the former describing the content of the image and the latter clarifying its contextual use.


All the links on this website have their TITLE attributes set to describe the target of the link in more detail so that they can be used out of context. Additionally, if the link will open in a new window, a warning will also be displayed in the TITLE attribute to make the user aware of the action.

Colour and contrast

Colour is never used as the only indicator of an active region (like a hyperlink) or to group data. High contrast between the content and the background is maintained throughout the website with black or dark coloured text and white or light grey backgrounds.

Display and layout

This website has been thoroughly tested in all current, major browsers and the most popular legacy browsers to ensure that it is as widely accessible as possible. The website's layout is controlled exclusively by cascading style sheets (CSS) meaning that neither tables nor frames are present anywhere on the site.


A small amount of JavaScript is used on this website to enhance the user experience. However visitors who have JavaScript disabled will still find that they can access and interact with all areas of the website without loss of functionality.

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Our Courses

Some employees receiving training.

Customer Service
& Sales

Delivering Excellent
Customer Care

The Effective
Telephonist / Receptionist

Customer Focused Call Handling Skills

Dealing with
Difficult Customers

Writing Business Letters &
emails with Confidence

Introduction to Successful Selling

Selling by Telephone


Team Building &
Communicating Skills

Building a
Successful Team

Team Building

Communication at Work

Communication Skills

Impact &
Influencing Skills


Management Skills

The Effective Team Leader

Motivation & Delegation

Recruitment &
Interviewing Skills

Goal Setting & Planning

Problem Solving
& Decision Making

Managing Meetings

Stress Management


Training & Presenting

Presenting with
Confidence & Credibility

The Effective Facilitator

Training the Trainer

Effective Coaching &
Mentoring Skills