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Who we are

We are a small group of very carefully selected trainers, coaches, facilitators and speakers dedicated to providing local businesses, entrepreneurs & charitable organisations with the type of learning that makes a tangible difference to their business performance.

Each member of the ElleRich Training team is a specialist in the area they train. Their knowledge comes not only from study and experience of working and training with a wide range of companies, but in many cases from actually working in the roles which now they present on.

This allows them to talk from the heart using real examples and makes for very pragmatic training that makes a real difference in the real world. Plus they all run their own businesses themselves, so they are mindful of delivering what's important to you and helping you overcome the challenges you and your people face.

A Virtual Company - Good value training for you

One of the things we have always prided ourselves on, is that we work as hard for our existing customers as we do for our new ones. That may sound strange, but we believe complacency is the enemy of outstanding customer service.

We are what's fashionably becoming known as a virtual company. That is, we're big in terms of resources, but we don't have huge overheads. We don't employ our trainers or administrative staff, we don't have any premises or company cars (all our trainers work from home). And we don't advertise much either, because over 80% of our work comes from repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. All of this means the only thing you'll ever pay for is the training and expertise you receive.

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What we can do for you

Our primary aim is to increase your profits by helping you to improve your sales, build your customer base and grow your business. Plus reduce your costs by improving staff retention and reducing absenteeism, customer complaints, mistakes and staffing issues.

We do this by training your leaders, managers and teams in over 50 different business soft skill courses that directly affect your bottom line. Courses on 'sales', 'keeping valued customers', 'recruitment & interviewing skills', 'debt collection by telephone', 'motivation & delegation', in fact anything to do with people in business, we can help.

Usually we train or facilitate programmes in-house either at your premises or a venue of your choosing. From tailored 1, 2 or 3 day courses to more bespoke programmes we always listen to what you need and work with you to provide the most effective training solution possible. We can be flexible with our timings too - if you need to accommodate shift patterns or avoid busy periods.

We may also be able to help you if you need project work, such as carrying out Training Needs Analysis and preparing totally customised training material and delivery, including Company Induction, Bespoke Call Centre Systems Packages, and Flexible Learning packages and materials - just ask, and if we can help we will and if we can't, we'll probably know someone who can.

Dale's cone of experience.

Our Training Styles & Methods

We pride ourselves in our training methods, designing all our own training material around the 8 principles of how adults learn best. We like our training to be experience based, practical, relevant, creative, stretching, interactive, fun, respectful, in bite-size chunks, catering for all the learning styles and as high up 'Dale's Cone of Experience' as we can manage. Our trainers draw on elements of NLP, Accelerated Learning and Emotional Intelligence as well as life, career and business experiences to create an approach that is as motivational, inspirational and fun as it is content-rich, practical and behaviour-changing.

The learning cycle.

Learning by Experience

We find that adults learn best and, perhaps even more importantly, transfer that learning into tangible behaviour and performance improvements, when they are allowed to go all the way around Kolb's Learning Cycle i.e. experience, observations & reflections, insights, implications & applications. Therefore, everything we do helps learners do just that.

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Learning with others is valuable from several standpoints. They can offer observations on you and your situations that would be hard for you to see yourself. In problem solving, when two minds come together, a third intangible mind often appears and thoughts and ideas will abound that are better than either mind individually would have come up with.

Research also suggests that when training occurs with others in a relaxed, fun environment, learning occurs at a faster rate and is retained for longer. Relationships are also formed which can continue to support each other after the training is finished and can also foster understanding between departments and breakdown traditional 'sandbagging' or 'silo' cultures.

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Fear is a poor state for learning. As adrenaline goes up so learning goes down. So we do everything we can to make our training enjoyable and informal. Games, pair-work, discussion groups, case studies, simulations and dry-runs are all used to maximise contribution, interaction and a "safe to make mistakes" environment.


or 'The brain can only take in what the behind can endure'.

Studies show that regular movement stimulates oxygen flow and therefore attention and retention. So we move delegates around during their session - nothing too strenuous, just changing the dynamics of groups and pairs and whole-group work. (One thing's for sure they don't just sit and listen and take notes - far too much like school for our liking.)

Bite size chunks

This also reinforces our commitment to the 'primacy & recency effect' - which simply means learners retain beginnings and endings best. By chunking our material, we maximise the number of beginning and endings and so increase retention. And this is reinforced even more by changing pace or delivery method often.

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Latent Learning

We believe that the ability to "sleep on it" does wonders. Sometimes a delegate doesn't always "get it" completely in a session, but the "penny will drop" a day or two later when they are working. For this reason we've found using simple work-based assignments on our extended programmes very effective.

They keep enough focus to allow latent learning to happen naturally and this is further reinforced by discussing learning points at the beginning of the next module. This can be enhanced still further and to great effect by the delegate's line manager taking an interest in the assignment. Either formally, with a "briefing for the next module" meeting, or informally with random enquiries, or as part of a weekly review.

Our Trainers

All our trainers, coaches & speakers are carefully selected as experts, not only in their subjects but also in their delivery. Whilst each has their own personality and style they are all engaging, passionate, positive, learner & customer focused, self-sufficient, flexible, accommodating, pragmatic, fast thinking & fun.

Ellen Watts

Trainer ~ Coach ~ Mentor ~ Facilitator ~ Key note Speaker

Ellen started her career over 25 years ago - first in retail management & management training & later in 'business to business' sales & sales management. In 1996, she formed ElleRich Training Ltd to provide local companies with training that made a real difference to their bottom line.

She still specialises in customer service & sales training, plus all the communication & management skills needed to support them. Her current portfolio stands at over 50 topics of business management, communication & leadership skills. Her training style is fun, interactive & motivational as well as informative & behaviour changing.


Sali Gray

Executive, Business & Life Coach & Mentor

Sali Gray is a qualified Life & Business Coach and Mentor with over 20 years experience of developing small and medium sized enterprises, including businesses, companies, community groups, non-profit making organisations and entrepreneurs, business start-ups & charities.

Much of this experience was gained in senior management roles, and then as a free-lance business management consultant.

In 2004 Sali started her own business advancement consultancy offering small and medium sized organisations her unique skill-set to aid their growth.


Diana Mawson

Trainer ~ Coach ~ Mentor ~ Facilitator

Diana is an experienced tutor and business facilitator and has worked in both the UK and Europe. In addition to her training and development work she is involved in management consultancy and coaching.

She is also an ILM assessor; developing courses specifically for those leaders and managers wanting to qualify to Level 4 ILM standard. She has worked on in-depth development projects for Transport for London and The Public Carriage Office, developing staff in areas such as Customer Service, Business Writing Skills, Project management and Report Writing. She was also a project leader developing training programmes for the prestigious Bluewater facility in Kent.


Sian Starr

Trainer ~ Coach ~ Mentor ~ Facilitator

Sian is an experienced interpersonal skills trainer and is dedicated to delivering high quality courses. Her training career started with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in 1988 where she was part of the Learning & Development Team responsible for providing interpersonal skills training for all support staff. In September 1996, she moved to Oxfordshire and now works as a freelance training consultant.

She specialises in management skills, building confidence, assertiveness skills, time management, interviewing skills, telephone techniques, stress management, communication at work and customer care. She will also design and tailor courses to meet your particular training needs and requirements. Sian has a wealth of experience of working with both the public and private sector.


Kay Julian

Trainer ~ Facilitator ~ Coach

Through a career of more than 20 years in hospitality which took her from chambermaid, through restaurateur and General Manager before setting up and running a prestigious country hotel from scratch, Kay discovered the real value of effective team work, clear communication and superb customer care.

Now, having trained many hotel and restaurant staff both here and in South Africa, Kay is more passionate about training in customer care for the leisure and hospitality industry than ever before and believes that business success hinges on the ability to understand & deliver precisely what the customer wants.


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Our Courses

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Customer Service
& Sales

Delivering Excellent
Customer Care

The Effective
Telephonist / Receptionist

Customer Focused Call Handling Skills

Dealing with
Difficult Customers

Writing Business Letters &
emails with Confidence

Introduction to Successful Selling

Selling by Telephone


Team Building &
Communicating Skills

Building a
Successful Team

Team Building

Communication at Work

Communication Skills

Impact &
Influencing Skills


Management Skills

The Effective Team Leader

Motivation & Delegation

Recruitment &
Interviewing Skills

Goal Setting & Planning

Problem Solving
& Decision Making

Managing Meetings

Stress Management


Training & Presenting

Presenting with
Confidence & Credibility

The Effective Facilitator

Training the Trainer

Effective Coaching &
Mentoring Skills


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