Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is all about observing or listening to someone in action and then providing constructive feedback to create awareness, build confidence and improve performance.

It can be used in almost all areas of performance but is particularly effective in improving presentation, training, meeting, facilitation, interview, sales & customer service skills. Performance coaching can be booked for an individual or for a group of individuals with similar needs, either as a one-off or as an ongoing programme. We can be totally flexible to get the results you want.

Performance Coaching prices start from £295 + VAT for a half day.

Performance Coaching for Contact Centres

Nowhere are the benefits of performance coaching more easily demonstrated than in contact centres (both in & outbound) where consistency and a branded approach is required from a variety of people with varying skill sets and abilities. Here, we use our special 'PhoneCoach' equipment (if you don't have your own monitoring system already) to listen in to the calls individually. Hearing both sides of the transaction is vital in correctly identifying & assessing areas for improvement. Then, we replay the tapes and discuss and coach the learner in aspects of their call before they have another go. Not only is this an extremely effective way for people to learn, it is also very easy to monitor progress and the positive impact on the business.

Contact Centre
Performance Coaching Days - £495 + VAT*

(Up to 4 learners a day - Approximately 1 1/2 hours per person)

*Save £100 if booked with an in-house training course
i.e. Book a 'Selling by Telephone' 1 day in-house course @ £985 + VAT and an Individual Performance Coaching Day together (can be taken anytime after the training) & pay just £395 + VAT for the coaching day.

Personal & Business Development Coaching

Personal development coaching is very different to performance coaching. It's done away from the work environment in an office or off site. And it can focus on whatever area the coachee wishes. Using traditional coaching frameworks such as T-GROW & SMART combined with immerging NLP & EQ techniques, the coach uses questions & deep listening to help the individual set goals, explore options, problem solve, find answers, draw up actions plans and commit to carrying out those plans. The sessions with be completely tailored to the individuals needs and goals. Coaching can be very helpful for anyone but is particularly beneficial for managers, leaders, business owners & salespeople.

The cost of PDC is dependent on many factors -
Please call or email for a tailored quote

Career Coaching

We can also provide individuals with coaching to help them move up or sometimes completely change their career. Using questioning techniques, models and exercises we help uncover potential, talent & aptitude, create focus & most importantly - a plan. We can then offer help with contacts, CVs & interview skills. It is very effective - and the benefits of ending up in a job you love, & more money, far outweigh the investment.

Here's a paragraph from a very typical email which arrived just as I was writing the copy for this page -

"...I did a little research after this and began applying the principles in my quest for success. I now work for Ecclesiastical Insurance and am now a manager. I'm earning double the salary I received from my old employers. I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the new way of thinking..."

Career coaching starts from £75+ VAT per hour
Discounts may be available for the long-term unemployed.

Career coaching & support

We also provide professional career coaching with a support programme. This consists of a two hour coaching session followed by one week's email and Skype support - £225 +VAT.

Other Services

And, due to the diverse specialist expertise of our team of associates, we can also offer -

Please contact us for more details and we will connect you directly with the appropriate associate.

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