Selling by Telephone

This course is all about improving your telephone communication skills. It will help you sound better, ask the right questions and to really listen. You'll get useful tips on getting through to the right person, qualifying the decision maker, finding out the information you need, putting your point across in a way that they will want to listen, overcoming objections and closing the sale.

It's suitable for entrepreneurs, small business owners and, of course, sales teams. This course is ideal for anyone who has to make sales calls on a regular basis & everyone who wishes to improve their success rate when selling by telephone.

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Introduction to Successful Selling

This course is ideal for anyone just starting out in their sales career or for someone who has been a sales a while but had no formal training. You'll find out what knowledge, skills and attitudes it takes to be an outstanding salesperson and how to acquire them.

You'll get valuable insights about the sales process and what you can do at each phase to become more successful. Plus, you'll get useful tips on building rapport & trust, asking all the right questions to uncover their needs, wants and hot buttons, active listening, presenting your product or service in a way your prospect can really identify with, trial closing, overcoming objections, closing the sale and staying personally motivated.

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Selling through Service

This is a softer sales course aimed at people in a customer service role where 'selling' might not be perceived as a key part of the job description and yet it most definitely should be. In today's challenging climate, more than ever before, it should not just fall to the 'sales people' to sell. Every single person from your receptionist, to your contact centre, from your help desk team to your onsite engineers - anyone who interacts with the customer has the responsibility to spot opportunities to promote the company & create leads.

This course highlights the benefits of everyone being involved in the sales process. It looks at spotting opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling and covers all the basic sales techniques from a standpoint of delivering outstanding customer service.

This course will be designed to meet your particular needs

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Delivering Excellent Customer Care

This course is naturally suitable for anyone in a customer facing role. But Customer Managers, Business owners and leaders in a more strategic role concerning the customer experience will also find it beneficial. And the course can be tailored to each level accordingly if you wish.

The day is split into 2 halves - the first half really defines what excellent customer service is - what it means to us and to our customers. We then explore what your customers expect of your business and the 5 areas of the 'Reliable CARE' model - identifying areas for improvement as we go.

In the afternoon we look at what we call 'Moments of Truth' were there is an opportunity to turn a potentially damaging situation into a moment of 'Excellent Customer Care' - You'll get valuable tips on delivering bad news, dealing with special requests, how to skillfully apologise, what to do when the answer's no and many more.

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The Effective Telephonist / Receptionist

This course is a must for everyone who meets & greets customers & visitors face to face, on the phone or both. They are the first point of contact and as such they create a first impression of your organisation that is hard to shake. So many times we see this role being treated as a junior one and not very important and yet the image your customers receive of you, the accuracy of transferring calls and messages taken could be the one of the biggest differentiators between you and your competition.

This course is crammed full of useful tips for creating a great first impression, controlling the situation, choosing the best words, using your best voice & staying calm under pressure. You'll learn how to most effectively screen, transfer & block calls as well as take good messages and handle enquires.

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Writing Business Letters & Emails with Confidence

This course is great for anyone who write letters or emails which, let's face it, most of us do these days.

In it, you'll get advice & techniques for getting past the blank page like 'mind-mapping', 'filling in the form technique', 'Swiss-cheesing' and more. You'll learn how to structure & layout your letter or email to get the best effect. Plus you'll learn how to use the most persuasive, modern business English to get the results you want, whilst avoiding all the common spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes. In fact, everything you need to be confident that your written communication is always compatible, complete, courteous, constructive, clear, concise & correct.

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Dealing with Difficult Customers

This course is aimed at anyone who has to deal with complaints, escalations and generally demanding or awkward customers either face to face or on the phone.

During the day we will work through a 10 step formula which will guide you through any difficult situation. Each step can stand alone too so, once learnt, they can be mixed and matched to suit the individual or situation. You will learn, among other things, how not to take things so personally, how to really listen, skillfully apologise, ask the right sort of questions, clarify the situation, express empathy, offer solutions and shrug off any residual negative.

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Customer Focused Call-Handling Skills

This course is a must for anyone whose role includes answering the phone and dealing with customers on a regular basis. During the day, you will learn the importance of creating a great first impression, using the best words & vocal techniques to influence and keep control of the call whist avoiding the key trigger words that upset customers and actually cause them to become more demanding. You'll also learn how to skillfully ask the right questions and how to really listen. Plus you'll get lots of tips on offering tailored solutions and how to effectively close the call and follow through.

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Effective Communication at Work

Communication is essential for any business. Not just the effective relay of information getting to the right person/people at the right time but also in the right way. Poor communication can cost a company a lot, in money, time and bruised egos.

On this course you will learn why we communicate, the hidden agendas behind what people say, how to choose the best communication method to fit the message and the person and how to choose the best language for the situation so that your meaning is clear and understood. You will learn the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive communication and identify your own communication style and that of others around you. You will leave feeling more confident in your communications strategy.

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Building a Successful Team

What makes a good team? So often people are thrust together in an organisation and called a team and expected to work to peak performance. But different personalities, abilities, physical barriers and emotions plus sometimes a lack of direction and leadership can often dictate otherwise. On this workshop style course you will learn what makes an effective team, how to recognise and manage the four stages of team development and how to achieve cooperation, respect, and peak performance within the team.

This course is ideal for Team Leaders or for a whole team as a Team Building day.

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Effective Recruitment & Interviewing Skills

An organisation is only as effective as its people. Get the right people in place and the business will thrive and grow but get it wrong and the effects could be disastrous. If they leave, you will have to go through the time consuming and costly process of recruiting and training again and if they stay, they could do untold damage to your business. No doubt about it, the ability to make the right choice is crucial to the success of your business.

On this course you will learn a proven method for effective recruiting. You will learn how to create an accurate job description and ideal employee profile, plus tips for screening CVs and applications forms. We'll also cover some of the common pitfalls of discrimination and how to avoid them. You'll learn how to select the best assessment methods for your role and how to conduct a competency based interview. They'll be chance to practise your questioning and listening skills too - plus lots of handy tips on building rapport and reading body language to be sure that what you're being told is the truth.

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Effective Time & Task Management

With time, anything is possible, without it, nothing is. Deadlines, priorities, projects, initiatives, reports, meetings - sometimes it feels like there just aren't enough hours in the day and we're always fighting to catch up!! But not everyone feels this way. The truth is we all have the same amount of time; it's what we do with that time that counts and some people have learnt how to make time work for them rather than the other way around. These are the people who get things done and feel good about their day and their achievements.

In this course you will learn their secrets - you'll look at your current time management habits, which ones are serving you and which ones you need to let go. You will get dozens of useful tips for planning and prioritising your workload to be come more effective not just busy. Plus you'll learn how to confidently manage the time stealers and overcome the biggest time thief of all - procrastination.

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Managing Meetings

Meetings are an important part of business life. They can generate ideas, create solutions, move projects forward, address grievances, build strategic relationships, unite a team & keep everything running smoothly. And they do - when they are done well. However, when they are done poorly, they become a huge waste of time and resources.

In this course you will learn how to make your meetings more effective - from planning for success, preparing an agenda, to chairing or participating in the meeting itself, dealing with difficulties, staying on track, building in follow though and translating the meeting into actions with effective minutes and action plans.

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Stress Management

This is, perhaps sadly, one of out most popular courses. In almost every organisation we deal with, stress is a big issue. An excerpt from the BUPA website reveals "stress affects one in five people of the working population and is the biggest cause of sickness in the UK. Over 105 million working days are lost each year because of work-related stress. Nearly half a million people in the UK believe that they have work-related stress at a level that is making them ill".

This course is suitable for anyone who either feels stress themselves or has to manage people that do. From front-line staff to managers everyone feels the pressure of deadlines, targets and ever increasing workloads. But not everyone deals with it the same way. Pressure by itself is not a bad thing; some of us work at our best under pressure. But when pressure becomes stress, we become less productive, irritable; we make mistakes and ultimately can end up becoming ill. In this course you will learn how to recognise stress early in yourself and others plus you will receive dozens of quick fixes and long term strategies for dealing with it.

Please contact us for a full course outline or to book

TLJ - The Leadership Journey ©

This course was originally designed especially for one of our clients who wanted all their team leaders and managers to go through a 6 month leadership programme covering all the aspects of good leadership but in bite size chunks with assignments in-between and work based project as a final assessment - something that would really benefit the organisation.

We ran the programme with 3 groups of 12 and it was hugely successful. Experienced leaders and new managers worked together both in and out of the training environment to create better teams, more efficient systems and best practice across the whole organisation. The positive consequences of the programme were immense and the results are ongoing. It worked so well that we are now offering this package to everyone.

12 x half day modules that can be taken either in groups of 2 as a 1 day course, once a month for 6 months or as a half day once a fortnight for 6 months or even once a month for a year - it's up to you. Whichever works best for your leaders and your business.

Here are the 12 modules in a 6 day programme:-

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

At the beginning of the programme each participant is given a passport for their journey and this will be stamped each session they attend plus they will get additional stamps for completed learning logs, learning quizzes, assignments and their main project. They will need to collect a minimum of 90% of the available stamps in their passport to pass TLJ and receive their certificate.

The cost for the 6 day / 6 month version of the 12 modules as above - £9,850 +VAT for up to 15 delegates. This equates to just £54.72 per leader per module.

Please contact us for a full course outline or to book

Training the Trainer

This is a fastinating and interactive course that covers the essentials needed to be a credible, interesting, effective & professional trainer. It combines learning theory with practical tips & exercises and plenty of opportunity to have a go and receive feedback from the tutor and the group.

This course is suitable for team leaders and managers who have to train as part of their role, for company trainers who deliver regularly and for freelance training professionals looking to sharpen their skills and pick up new delivery ideas. Everyone who wishes to be a more effective trainer is welcome.

Please contact us for a full course outline or to book

Cosmic Ordering Made Easier

In this short 1 day workshop you will learn exactly what Cosmic Ordering is & how mastering it can help you do and have amazing things in your life.

I'll be sharing all the lessons I have learnt over decades of successful Cosmic Ordering:- How it works; what's the best state of mind to be in when you ask and how to get there more easily; how to know what you really want; exactly how to word your ask; how to recognise your order when it arrives and how to accept it (that's one of the hardest parts would you believe!!?).

We'll also be looking at the things that block your orders from arriving (clue - they're your own limiting beliefs!) Plus I'll be sharing all the massive (and some of the tiny, but amazing) successes I've had along the way and those of my Cosmic Ordering Coachees. I'll also share the mistakes I've made too (some of them are really funny) and the lessons I've learnt from them, so you don't have to make the same mistakes I've made.

More information available here (New Window, PDF)

Effective Coaching & Mentoring Skills

This is a very practical course covering the skills, tools and models needed to be an effective coach and / or mentor. Lots of opportunity to have a go and to give and receive feedback from the tutor and the group. This course is suitable for all new coaches and mentors and also team leaders and managers who are expected to include these skills as part of their role.

It would also be beneficial to experienced or freelance coaches & mentors as a refresher and an opportunity to revisit key skills. Everyone who is interested in improving their coaching or mentoring skills is welcome.

Please contact us for a full course outline or to book

Presenting with Confidence & Credibility

This course is focused on personal presentation skills and is designed for anyone who is involved with presentations from departmental through to boardroom level. The style for the day is relaxed and informal. Delegates should decide in advance of the day a subject that they would be confident to talk about for 10 minutes, and bring with them any information or materials they feel would be useful.

The presentation need not be fully prepared as they will prepare the presentation as part of the training. Everyone who wants to learn how to present with confidence and credibility is welcome.

Please contact us for a full course outline or to book

The Effective Facilitator

This course is aimed at anyone who facilitates groups as part of their role. This may be in a training or consultant capacity, but it's also a useful skill for any team leader or manager and can be used for idea generation meetings, change management or creative project style meetings too.

This course looks at what is a facilitator is and does, how facilitation differs from training, coaching, mentoring or simply chairing (although all these tools may be also found in the effective facilitator's toolkit). We'll look at the knowledge, skills and attitudes you will need to be effective plus you'll get lots of useful tips on how to create the right environment for innovation and growth and how to choose the best tools, models & activities to aid the group process. You'll also learn how to design a realistic agenda, guide and control the creative meeting, how to get the very best from people, how to deal with questions and interventions and much, much more.

This is a workshop style course that is run in a facilitative style (naturally) and you will have plenty of opportunity to practise your own facilitation skills.

Please contact us for a full course outline or to book

TMC Trainer's Master Class (6 modules)

This 6 day course is aimed at anyone responsible for coordinating and delivering training in an organisation and aims to give them the tools to be able to fulfill that role at the level of a professional trainer/training consultant. It is the culmination of my 20+ years experience as a corporate and freelance trainer distilled into just 6 days. The course is delivered in a fun, engaging and interactive way - groups are kept small (up to 8 learners) to allow plenty of opportunity for practice and feedback.

The 6 days can be taken at intervals of one per week, per fortnight or per month to suit you and assignments and quizzes will be given to keep the training alive in between sessions.

Cost for 6 day Trainer's Master Class - £9,125 for up to 8 delegates

Please contact us for a full course outline or to book

Training Costs

Daily rate (7 hours) i.e. 9.30am - 4.30pm

£1685.00* +VAT

Half day (up to 3 hours) i.e. 9.30am - 12.30pm

£985.00* +VAT

If 2 half days are booked together of the
same module (7 hours)

£1825.00* +VAT
Saving £145.00 +VAT

*Cost includes :- Facilitator, manuals, aid memoirs, posters, other ad hoc toolkit items and certificates for a maximum of 15 delegates per group.

Travel expenses are charged at 45p + VAT per mile - public transport and hotels expenses are passed on at cost.

Terms & Conditions

Invoices are prepared shortly after the training event & payment is due 30 days from the date of the invoice. Cancellations are charged at the following rates:-

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Funding & Grants

We often have access to funding & grants for your training.

Currently - If you are a new or existing business with high growth potential, we may be able to access The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for you so that your coaching & mentoring programme is fully funded, i.e. completely free of charge.

Also, The Leadership & Management Advisory Service (LMAS) is offering up to £1,000 to help pay for your training solution on a matched funding basis.

Contact us for more details & to see if you're eligible.


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