What our customers say about us and our training

"I have really enjoyed the training, very informative and kept at a constant level throughout. I really liked how you linked real situations when explaining and most of all - your positive attitude which kept my attention! And the graphics on the flip board. I learnt a lot - I've never done anything like this before and there wasn't anything I didn't find useful."

Maria Fisher
Cantilever Bars UK
November 2013

"An excellent delivery from an experienced trainer (Ellen Watts) and the extra material provided at the end will come in most useful."

Kevin Mayes
UK Naric
November 2013

"The training was very innovative, allowing for better interaction. It was inspiring on so many levels. Ellen is one of the best trainers I have come across. I learnt a lot, there were many useful tips and practical ideas that I can put into practice. It was outstanding all the way through.

Engaging and informative at the same time. Knowledge was transmitted in a way that it will last. I was pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere, friendliness, approachability, innovative methods and the list could go on and on!"

Martina Novotna
UK Naric
November 2013

Dear Ellen, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your presentation to our Middle Leaders at the end of last week.

I found your presentation fascinating and took away lots of information which I will personally use to create effective presentations in future. Your delivery and the content of your presentation were a clear demonstration of the skills you were teaching us. The feedback I've had from all delegates has also been extremely positive and many have said that they would be using these new skills when asked to present in future and would try and look upon future requests as opportunities, rather than something to be scared of!

Lou Burridge
Kingsholm C of E Primary School
July 2012

Marine Conservation Society Logo "Just a quickie to say, thanks again for a super day today. I've had lots of lovely feedback since you left about your skills as a trainer and how engaging they found it. Many thanks"

Catriona Lennox
Head of Marketing and Communications, Marine Conservation Society
June 2012

Gloucestershire Enterprise Logo "You're so easy to work with Ellen, feedback is always fantastic and we both feel you always exceed
customer expectations."

Carrie Artus
Glos. Enterprise Ltd

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course - it was all very interesting and really made me take a step back and look at things logically and without emotion. I recognised myself in so many examples and therefore know I can learn so much and take away so many hints and tips that will make my job so much easier. Thank you."

Andrea Lamswood

"...My real success was picking top class tutors, your own contribution was the most outstanding of all. You ran courses that were always thoroughly appreciated by both delegates and their companies. No one has ever produced such outstanding praise on the feedback/evaluation forms and this happened each and every time. Your courses always attracted large numbers so, with financial responsibility, I had the benefits of good revenue and high quality delivery."

Carol Bennett
Former Business Link Training Manager

"I have to tell you how impressed I am with your delivery of the course on telephone skills ... there is no doubt that you have established your credibility with them and they obtained real help in their development."

JTE Vick
Director of LocumLink (UK) Ltd

"...Ellen was very, very good, and I will be the first to admit that I tend to fall asleep at these training days, Ellen was able to make it interesting and held attention all day."

Sophie Morgan

"...Ellen was very nice and she made us feel relaxed which made the day fun as it didn't make us tired and we didn't lose interest."

Lucy Kendrick
Cetelam Halifax

"...thanks for running one of the best workshops I have ever attended and it was obvious the Atlet team felt the same. You exceeded all our expectations and made the whole session enjoyable."

David Scotson
Priority Management

"How many times is it possible in one language to say thank you for giving me the opportunity of attending the training course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much. So, grazi, merci, djekuyin and thank you."

Sharon Garfield
PHH Corp

"It was good to hear Ellen's own examples and experiences as it gives more credit to her training ... really well tailored to our needs."

Helen Wright

"...Ellen was very knowledgeable on the subject and shared her own experience, she approached the subject in a variety of ways, ie: role play, group discussions etc."

Jenny Ettridge

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training session I attended last week. I found Ellen to be one of the most engaging, entertaining, knowledgeable and interesting trainers I have encountered - and believe me, I have come across a few at my age!"

Jennie Currie

"...Attendance was excellent, the highest we've seen for any "Brown bag" session! The Presentation style, including group working saw excellent interaction between all level of staff. The topic and presentation has indeed provoked much discussion since."

Christopher Griffiths

"Ellen lightened the day with humour and fun as well as some thorough training. There were 21 one of us, we were all very much as ease with Ellen, she mixed with us throughout breaks and we felt we could question her about our individual needs. Everybody felt they had learnt something worthwhile from the day..."

Sue Walker

"...It wasn't boring, un-useful nor was it repetitive with all other courses. It was a unique way of getting the message across and kept us all involved."

Phil Reeves

"The course excelled my expectations. Things I didn't even realise could be improved were highlighted and the methods of writing will be very useful in my job role."

Jenny Johnson
Customer Services Co-Ordinator

"Exactly what I was looking for, the course covered ALL my objectives and was interesting and fun to do."

Mark Smith
Change Analyst

"Brilliant course!! We were made to feel at ease which helped relieve our anxiety about the presenting."

Anna Walker
Team Leader, PHH

"Dear Emma,
Just a quick note to thank you for introducing Ellen Watts to me. Ellen has been an excellent tutor and we could not have wished for anyone better. Ellen & I were able to design the course to the exact needs for our department, in so doing, every session was of great value to all the girls.

We all had a great deal of fun and it was a good team building exercise for us. Ellen has a positive manner and this was transmitted to the people on the course. We all agreed that the course was of value to us and the commitment to improve our performance will continue. Please pass on our best regards when you see Ellen next and wish her all the best in everything she does."

Yours sincerely,
Diana J. Smart, Swindon

"Hi Elle,
The feedback from both groups is absolutely amazing. I told everyone at the Tuesday Directors meeting. We have never had such consistently strong feedback from any course. Hurrah to you, and thank you. I have been doing goal setting this week for team leaders in Plymouth and have asked them to give me one personal goal what they want to achieve towards the overall business goal on the back of the training.

I have also said that I am crystal on what I want the place to feel like and look like. Really well done. I know how hard it is to make such a big difference. Thank you."

Victoria Sherston
Customer Service Director, Direct Wines

"Ellen Watts did some telesales coaching for us because we identified a need to refresh the existing sales staff, as well as 'training up' new members of the team.

Ellen's ability to train staff is exceptional, partly because she is so knowledgeable, but also because she is great with people. The team warmed to her instantly and responded to everything she was teaching them. The positive results to sales and lead generation were almost immediate, as she boosted confidence and performance amongst the team. She took the time to work with people individually on a 'one-to-one' basis which enabled each person to concentrate on their particular needs.

I would highly recommend Ellen to anyone, and would always refer to her first for any coaching or training needs in this area of expertise."

Naomi Rose
Marketing & Communications Manager, Triangle

"I remember well you training the team at Sales Team, and then you came back and did a couple of coaching sessions with a number of the team. We gave the members of the team the opportunity to have the individual training, so they chose to do it rather than being forced to do it. The fact that several of them did so is in itself a credit to you, as many would fear one to one coaching, and see it as a threat in some way.

As I remember, you used recording equipment to tape some of their calls, and played key pieces back, then discussed them. After a short time you returned and heard more and gave feedback and more suggestions. This was done in a gentle way, to encourage rather than to criticise. The members of the team had different strengths and weaknesses and you brought out the areas that could be improved, and they tried these and became more confident in their work."

Fiona Hocken
Owner & Director, Sales Team

"As an experienced telemarketer who consistently gets good results, I perhaps thought that coaching with Elle would be a case of going through the motions. In fact, her observations and questions were spot on. Using a constructive approach that wasn't remotely critical or patronising, she made me think objectively about how I was putting things across and to notice some of the bad habits we are all prone to falling in to. Spending time with her on a one to one basis breathed some new life in to my calls; always an asset to anyone who makes cold calls all day!"

Bryony Mitchell
Telemarketer, Sales Team

"I have used Ellen Watts as a trainer and coach in the last three organisations I have worked for. The reason I keep turning to Ellen for help is because I know that I can rely on her to help turn around attitudes and help me to improve the customer experience and ultimately bottom line results.

As Business Development Director for Bertelsmann, at that time the fourth largest media company in the world, I was tasked with turning around an under-performing customer service centre and creating a dynamic outbound sales team. Ellen and I devised a change programme together ensuring that the customer service people bought into change and overcame their negativity towards proactive selling. The turn-around results were astonishing. In the first year I was able to beat my target to deliver 64k new memberships and delivered 184k new memberships, bringing the business into its first profitable year for some time.

Within Direct Wines, the worlds largest Direct to Consumer wine merchant, I used Ellen's services to significantly improve the way in which our operators spoke to customers. I wanted customers to feel as if they were calling a wine merchant, rather than just having an order processed. The results speak for themselves. Direct Wines (Laithwaites Wine) won 12 customer service awards including the European Call Centre Awards, best Customer Experience Award as well as winning the top Call Centre for Customer Service in the retail sector (2 years running) as part of the UK's largest mystery shopping and benchmarking programme The Top 50 Call Centres for Customer Service.

In 2010, in my role as Global Head of Customer Experience for Direct Wines I created a new sales channel within one of Direct Wines companies, Virgin Wines. Launching a new brand new way of selling wines through multi-level marketing meant that I needed expert help in creating training material and one-to-one coaching of new recruits. Needless to say, this has now been successfully launched and is fully incorporated into the main marketing mix.

Earlier this year I made the decision to work as an Interim Customer Service consultant and as part of an overall customer experience improvement programme for The Miele Company. I asked Ellen to deliver a programme designed to help Advisors deal with escalated complaints.

The fact I've turned time and again to Ellen for help in coaching and training I believe speaks volumes and I would not hesitate to recommend her."

Victoria Sherston
Interim Contact Centre Manager, The Miele Company

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